Decaf Amaretto

Our Amaretto flavored decaf coffee references the classic after dinner liqueur with flavors of toasted almonds. Our small batch roasted 100% Honduran Arabica coffee is the perfect compliment to this renowned flavor.

Decaf Baklava

Baklava flavored decaf coffee will give you the delicious taste of the traditional Greek dessert without any calories. Baklava Flavored Coffee tastes like the traditional Greek pastry that it is named after with all of the rich Middle Eastern flavors like honey, walnut, and pistachio.

Decaf Bavarian Chocolate

Bavarian Chocolate flavored decaf coffee is a European style, darker and richer chocolate flavor. If you like really good sophisticated chocolates this is the coffee for you.

Decaf Caramel

Profoundly creamy and pleasantly sweet to the taste is the only way to describe this aromatic caramel flavored decaf coffee. Made with the finest and highest quality of coffee beans available you are sure to enjoy our caramel coffee anytime.

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