Decaf Espresso

Decaffeination and espresso can be surprisingly well suited to one another. Medium roast with a heavy mouth feel and slightly smoky.Great with meals or to relax with after dinner.

Decaf Hazelnut

The sweet buttery flavors of toasted hazelnuts layered over the rich flavors and subtly smoky aromas of our medium roasted decaf coffee. Enjoy our Decaf Hazelnut coffee any time.

Decaf Highlander Grogg

Our most popular flavored coffee without the caffeine. Enjoy the vanilla, maple and dark buttered rum flavors of Highlander Grogg anytime of day. A delicious dessert coffee that you can relax with after dinner.

Decaf Irish Cream

This decaf coffee classic features a buttery blend of Irish Whisky and cream flavors with a sweet almond and hazelnut aroma. When added to our light roast beans it tastes just like the pub favorite, without all that pesky alcohol.

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